~ Educating the future of Nabigonj ~

About Us

The Aims of Nabigonj Education Trust is to advance education by all or any of the following means:-

  • To provide financial assistance or scholarship to students of Nabigonj, particularly who are poor and talent in the secondary, higher secondary or in higher or in Islamic education.
  • To give grants to educational establishments in Nabigonj Upo-zila area of Bangladesh for the construction or improvement of buildings, purchase of text-book and equipment and for any other educational purposes.
  • To award certificates, medals, awards and commendation to students, teachers and organisers who demonstrate outstanding achievement in furtherance of education in Nabigonj.

At a glance, Nabigonj Education Trust Activities include:

  • 21 computer sets were given to all colleges, high schools & madrashas in Nabigonj. In 2003, all the computers were donated by Trustees.
  • Mahbub Nurul Islam sponsored a student’s university course (in full) for one lakh forty thousand taka.
  • Mainul Amin Bulbul & Kamrul Hassan Chunu funded a few local primary schools in Nabigonj with additional teachers.
  • In 2008, we set up ICT Centres to provide IT education which is recognised by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, and again all the computers were donated by trustees. The Centres were furnished by the generosity of the then chair, Mainul Amin Bulbul, and secretary Md Firuj Khan. Every year since 2008, 60-70 students are qualifying with recognised IT certificate training from the Centre.
  • A laptop was donated by Md Firuj Khan to a destitute student in Nabigonj via Mayor T Islam Chy.
  • Up to date, all expenses incurred by the Trust have been paid by committee members.
  • Two two-storied buildings were donated by two Trustees, Enayeth Khan and Maruf Miah, for Nabigonj Degree College.